2017,High Point University, High Point, North Carolina
Coping with the Challenge of Globalization

2016,Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, Colorado
Diversity in a Globalized World: Co-existence and Cooperation

2015,University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida
Cultural Exchange and Globalization

2014,State University of New York Buffalo State, Buffalo, New York
Challenges and Opportunities of Sustainability in China and Beyond: Environment, Health, Equality and Other Emerging Social Issues

2013,The University of Louisville,Louisville, Kentucky
The Impacts of Leadership Transition in China: Domestic and International Concerns

2012, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Modernity and Cultural Development: The Changing China in a Globalized and Digitized World

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China's Quest for Harmony:  Balancing Regional Development, Social and Economic Policies, and Inter-Ethnic Relations

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Engaging China:  Sino-American Relations, Sustainable Development, and Beyond

2009, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
China Facing World Financial Crisis and Other Challenges: Perspectives of Humanities and Social Sciences

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East Asia: Challenges of Complex Realities in an Era of Globalization and Digitization

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China Forum: Harmony, Innovation & Development

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China in Transition: Issues and Solution

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Sustainable Development in China: Social Science Perspectives

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China Interacting with the World: Influences and Implications

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Social Transformations and Cultural Awareness

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Sustaining Peace and Progress in China and Beyond

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China at the Turn of the Century: Issues and Challenges

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China Facing the New Millennium: Challenges of Globalization

1999, High Point University, North Carolina
The 50th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC

1998, University of Maryland, College Park
China’s Open Door Policy and Studying Abroad

1998, Indiana State University of Pennsylvania (April)
Teaching, Technology and Career Development (Seminar)

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Socio-Economic Transition and Cultural Reconstruction in China

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College Teaching and Career Development (Seminar)

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Sino-US Relations

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China Modernizations from a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective