The Association of Chinese Professors of Social Sciences
In the United States (ACPSS)

The Association of Chinese Professors of Social Sciences in the United States (ACPSS), a Texas-registered and non-profit, non-political professional organization, was founded in June 1995 by a group of Chinese professors and researchers of social sciences and humanities residing in North America.

ACPSS aims at (1) promoting and protecting the rights and interests of Chinese scholars of social sciences and humanities who currently hold teaching and research positions in academic institutions in the United States and Canada; (2) encouraging and sponsoring interdisciplinary research endeavors in the areas of social sciences and humanities; (3) participating and coordinating academic exchanges among scholars in North America, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and other related regions ; (4) promoting the development of social sciences in mainland China; (5) contributing to China's modernization and positive U.S-China bilateral relations.

ACPSS members come from the following academic disciplines: political science, economics, sociology, philosophy, law, history, religion, education, communication, anthropology, archeology, literature, arts, musicology, psychology, geography, linguistics, library science, public administration, women's studies, development studies, business management and other commonly recognized fields of social sciences and humanities.

ACPSS currently has more than 500 registered members and its advisory committee is formed by internationally renowned scholars. The most unique and valuable asset of ACPSS is its membership. Most ACPSS members grew up in China and have maintained extensive and close connections with China socially and professionally. Having received systematic and rigorous academic training in North American universities, they all hold professorships in academic institutions in North America. An increasing number of them are rapidly gaining professional recognitions in their respective fields. Given their Chinese cultural heritage background, both Chinese and Western academic training, and wide range of specialties, ACPSS members are uniquely positioned to promote scholarly exchanges between China and the West, develop innovative interdisciplinary projects, coordinate scholarly efforts, and provide valuable advices to policy-makers.

As an independent scholarly organization, ACPSS has quickly gained recognition and support of American and Chinese academic institutions and foundations. The ACPSS impact and influence will undoubtedly grow in years to come and will become a vital force in promoting scholarly exchanges among North America and Chinese cultural and academic communities. ACPSS will make every effort to develop and maintain its cooperative and friendly relations with academic institutions, foundations, and administrations in North America, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore and other related regions.