ACPSS Member, Professor Josh Yu Held His Art Exhibition "Burning Wood, Seeking Rain" (6/24-7/7/2011)

Josh Yu recent work showed in Shanghai, 99Art Center, Shanghai University, Fine Art College

This cataloged exhibition is curated by Craig Drennen, American art critic and artist
Invited by Shanghai International Culture Exchange Association
Supported by US Savannah College of Art and Design
Organized by Shanghai University, Fine Art College

In this solo exhibition, Josh Yu showed 62 large pieces and 480 small piece work on canvas and on paper. All used mixed water based media. Josh Yu created non representational images with unusual color combination to explored the theme of Oneness and Wholeness. Regardless the languages of are that Josh used were very contemporary, but we still can read the deep influences from Chinese philosophies, traditional culture, and the practice in the western art world. From the combination makes - Post modernism's approach to created personal language of making are, Josh yu's recent work is a very unique way to visualize, to explore some philosophical and social issues in the painting.

Professor Josh Yu has been teaching at Savannah college of Art and Design for 18 years, He worked in many different positions at SCAD: Manager of Galleries, Director of Studio, Director of Special Projects, Office of the Provost, Chair of Painting Department, Director of Special Projects, Office of the President. Josh could be reached at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..